Ida Nauta

Paintings in watercolor and acrylic


on the website of Ida Nauta. Be amazed by her diversity of techniques. Besides mixed media she paints with watercolor- and acrylic paint. Inspiration for her works come from nature in Zeeland, a coastal province in the South-West of The Netherlands. All of her works are very colorful.

Ida is an experienced painter and teacher. At her studio in Sint Laurens she gives short workshops of one afternoon. Participants learn to paint with watercolor or acrylic paint. A limited number of participants will be employed and they will be intensively supervised. The participants learn a lot during the Workshops and are enthusiastic.

She is an independent artist and also available to work on commission.


Sign up for a workshop "Painting with Watercolor Paint" or "Painting with Acrylic Paint".
To book a workshop or request further information:
Mail to
Call +31 (0)118 6346161 / +31 (0)630475613

Time: An afternoon from Monday to Saturday from 13.00-16.00 (date by mutual agreement).

More information: Workshops 2017

Over Ida Nauta


For many years Ida trained under Dutch artists Michiel Paalvast, Annemiek Visser and Ronald MulliƩ and has been working as an independent artist for a long time. Furthermore, she has a lot of education experience.

During her stay in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, she has provided workshops in English. Here she started the "Art Bag" project and exhibited her Art Bags during
the 'Green Night' in the cultural center Meta House in Phnom Penh.


Expositie bij Galerie Kunstwacht,
Oudestraat 28, Veere (naast Grote Kerk)
2 juli t/m 8 juli 2018

Gastexposant bij Anne de Kam,
Atelier Blauwe Hope, Seisweg 78,
4334 AK Middelburg
1 juli 2018

Pop-up Galerie Poortwachtershuisje (naast Grote Kerk Veere), schilderijen, artbags
24 juli t/m 30 juli 2017

Visserijdag Arnemuiden, Langstraat 27
24 juni 2017

Expositie bij "Stoom", Stationsrestaurant Middelburg
september t/m oktober 2016

Zeeuwse Kunstmarkt in Westkapelle
augustus 2016

Kunst- en Cultuurroute Midden Walcheren
Solo Expositie in kerk Sint-Laurens.
juli 2016

Zomerfair Goedt in Poppendamme
juni 2016

Pop-up Galerie Poortwachtershuisje Veere
juni 2016

Schildersweek Domburg
mei 2016


Watertoren Domburg

Eervolle vermelding

'Art Bag Project', MetaHouse in Phnom Penh, Cambodja
januari 2016

Expostitie in Hoevehotel 'Hof Christina' in Vrouwenpolder
januari 2015 t/m oktober 2015

Kunst- en Cultuurroute Midden Walcheren juli 2015